Logo?… Why do you need it?

Logo?… Why do you need it?

Logo is the most characteristic feature of branding. The used colour scheme, shape, and font are all determining elements of the whole image. The logo is a company’s well-recognisable, identifying sign. Its main goal is the obvious identification, the company’s distinction from the competitors.

What is logo?

Logo can be a textual caption, the name of the service or company (with or without slogan), but it can also include some graphic symbol. The logo defines the image of the company, it obtains a serious advertising value – hence it should not be changed frequently.  

It is important for the logo to have a suitable style and colour scheme for the demand of the target audience and customer base in order to make the product or service even more attractive. The shape and complexity of the logo is even more important. The less complicated shapes can be remembered, recognised and identified more easily.

It is only a myth that a graphic should always represent the activity, since this could often be too complicated and moreover, several different companies deal with the same product. Many similarities would occur among these, therefor the goal of the logo would be lost: clear distinction. The main principle is to create a unique marking.

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